about me.

about me , dom.

Hi! I am Dom,
aka the face behind @nailzbydom <3
I am a stay at home mom from
California that LOVES nails.
I have been doing my own since 2017
when I was bored at home
while pregnant with my son lol.
In 2019 I decided to finally go
to cosmetology school & get
my nail technician license to take clients.
I wanted to pay for the schooling on my own
so I choose to sell press-on nails
to make the money for the tuition.
In March 2020 ,
1 week after I opened my website,
the 2020 covid lockdown happened
and as you all know,
schools closed down so I could no longer go.
My press-on business
ended up taking off and
still to this day has been
so successful I can't believe it!
I obvi decided to not go the
nail technician route lol.
I currently only work 3-4 hours a day
since I am always a mama first.
When I am not making the cutest press-ons ever,
I am with my son watching spongebob,
going out on mommy/son dates,
reading books (mysteries/contemporary fiction) ,
walking around tj maxx & homegoods, 
cooking things I find on tik tok
or watching true crime shows w. my husband.
My son is on the Autism Spectrum
& that is something I am 
also passionate about,
spreading awareness for him & others like him <3
thank you to everyone
that supports my business.
whether it is purchasing something,
telling your friends,
sharing my posts on social media , etc.
it is all so appreciated you have no idea 💕